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Dean Digital world brings to you products that will transform your Television world with a revolutionary selection of cutting edge technologies in AppleTV2 to Raspberry Pi.The main difference between the Quad-Core and Dual-Core is based on how they perform. The Quad-Core will handle bigger tasks more easily and the end user will get a better XBMC experience using this device.

The ultimate Android TV boxes will turn your TV into a Smart TV capable of so much more. At the core is XBMC which would be one of the most popular media player systems on the web. Capable of playing virtually all media formats. Delivering Surround sound audio, high definition Images for your viewing and listening pleasure. Our products come together to complete your Home entertainment experience and puts you a step up on the standard Television and smart TV abilities.

Dean digital world markets premium Media peripherals with Quad-Core processor for Smart TV Viewing.

The Ultimate Quad-Core Android TV Boxes with Android 4.2.2 OS.

Like the entire Android media Series, comes pre-installed with Android 4.2.2 OS, with a massive array of apps available to download via the Google Play Store - such as Netflix, Spotify, and most popular IPTV apps. The Media players also comes pre-installed with Wi-Fi Display and AirPin PRO, enabling you to share media content, such as videos, music, photos, between your smartphone, tablet or laptop and your TV - No more tangled cables connecting your laptop to the TV, now you can instantly share all your media content wirelessly.This gives you access to the Google’s Android play store. Want to play Angry birds? No problem. Load it up and away you go. Want to play media and stream from the internet. Use one of the many applications available but XBMC would have to be master if this domain. XBMC is a system available on many platforms.  Many people would say that it has to be one of the best systems out there to play media. XBMC is capable of playing Full HD 1080p movies in DTS surround. This is due to it being one of the few systems Android systems capable of hardware decoding video.

Only interested in a media player with XBMC? We have the Raspberry Pi with Linux XBMC. The Ultimate Box with the Linux XBMC is fast due to the software is written specially for the CPU and is not slowed down by anything else.

Dean Digital world will continue to provide the Home Media Entertainment industry with innovative new products. Designed for the Family Home, these revolutionary Smart TV Boxes give consumers a more immersive Home Theater and Social media experience. We pride ourselves in our quality, professionalism, and integrity.

Dean Digital world, based in Melbourne, Australia provide these products locally shipped from Melbourne with Australian warranties and giving you peace of mind when you purchase from us.